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TWCA LOGO IMAGETWCA plant factors have been approved for water budgeting purposes in California so, if you’re designing a landscape use TWCA qualified turf to make your landscape as smart, beautiful, and functional as it can be!

The Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance qualifies grasses that demonstrate a statistically significant water saving potential over conventional varieties of the same species.  To do this we rely on a standard protocol for collecting and analyzing objective data from 14 trials with 13 research collaborators across North America.  Once the data has been collected and analyzed, the results are sent to our third party peer review board of researchers from University of Arkansas ans Purdue University.  Our review panel ultimately makes the final qualification recommendations based solely on the evidence presented by research collaborators.

TWCA qualification requires two years of prequalification data collected from an outside source BEFORE grasses are entered into TWCA trialling to ensure the grasses have the potential of qualifying for the TWCA seal.  Once entered into the TWCA trial; varieties are tested for a minimum of two years.  Data for the entire trial period is considered for TWCA qualification.

We offer a variety of TWCA approved seed stock for hydroseeding drough tolerant turf grass in California.

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