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Erosion most often occurs as the result of water runoff, heavy rain, or persistent winds that blow away topsoil, making it difficult for trees and plants to grow. Excess water can lead to mudslides and create soil fissures which often lead to ground instability.

If you are working with land that is sloped, advanced planning is the best defense against soil erosion.  Hydroseeding is a superior, and affordable erosion control method. Planting fast growing turf and ground cover with proper watering will encourage deep root growth can deliver effective erosion control. These roots will hold the soil together while the foliage provides protection for top soil against heavy winds.

If you are planning a public or commercial space, preventing foot traffic through slopes can be accomplished by selecting foliage and landscaping designed to route traffic away from sensitive areas.


Ignoring the signs of erosion can be costly, reducing once lush grounds to useless and sometimes dangerous ground, particularly on elevated slopes in arid climates or in low desert areas. Depending on the region and the features of your area, early signs of erosion will differ. Inspect any area exposed to construction activity, flooding, foot trails, and any barren or dry patches. Look for natural channels and gullies and inspect man-made culverts around drain pipes and utility plots.   Also take note of exposed roots and rocks which can also be signs of erosion.

Observe how water traverses the property during heavy rain.  Is the rain water absorbed by the soil or does it channel through the soil creating, puddles, channels, or gullies while washing away topsoil? If so, these are clear signs of an erosion problem.  Given the current drought crisis in California, controlling erosion related water run-off  is more important than ever.


Erosion control in Southern California saves homes and properties while preserving precious water supplies, which is why Canyon Hydroseeding takes its job seriously. We have extensive experience addressing erosion control problems for both commercial and residential properties.  We offer bonded fiber matrix, dust control, soil stablization, re-vegetation services and more.  We supply silt fences, waddles, and sand bags.  With over 30 years of erosion control experience and our highly trained staff, you will find that our expert methods and best-of-breed products will save  you both time and money.

Water management especially during this drought is critical.  We devised thoughtful, effective safe erosion control solutions developed to prevent water waste, pollution, and other negative effects on the environment and animal habitats.

We comply with all new NPDES II Regulations and Best Management Practices (BMP’s).