To ensure optimal results, it is important that you take extra care of your newly hydroseeded lawn or garden areas.  Here are some important hydroseed care instructions to follow:


Avoid walking on hydroseeded areas.  Block children, pets, and other pedestrian traffic if possible to avoid disruption of the hydroseeded mulch or germinating seeds.  You should also minimize traffic after application for 5 to 6 weeks to allow your lawn to mature.  Foot traffic can damage new grass.


Begin to water one day after application.  We recommend watering 3 times per day.   For example, set your sprinkler for 8 am, Noon, and 4 pm.  The amount of time per watering cycle will vary depending on your water pressure,  but usually 5 minutes per cycle will work well.  The goal is to keep the surface of newly seeded areas consistently moist, like a sponge.   

Note:  You will notice that the die used in the slurry application will fade within a day or so.  This is expected and does not indicate any problem with the hydroseed application.

Once the seed is 100 percent germinated,  you can set the watering cycle to every day or every other day, at 5am for example.  This will vary depending on temperature.

For Lawns

Keep an eye on your newly seeded lawn areas and modify your watering to adjust for high temperatures and fluctuations during heavy rains.


When your lawn reaches a growth of  three inches or more, you can begin to mow.  Warning:  Do not mow more than one third of the lawn (mow 1 inch or less off of the top).


We recommend you fertilize your new lawn 30 days after the initial application.   Warning:  Do not over fertilize.  Carefully follow the instructions provided on the fertilizer packaging.   We recommend using a high nitrogen fertilizer.  Do not use a fertilizer with weed control during the first 3 months of growth.

Weed Control

Warning – DO NOT USE weed control products on new grass.  Weed control chemicals can destroy fledging grasses.  If you notice weeds growing in your hydroseeded lawn, do not be concerned.  Over time, the grass will grow more dense and most weeds will be choked out by advancing grass roots.  Those that remain can be easily removed by hand until your lawn is fully established.

On Going Care

Follow standard lawn care routines to maintain your lawn .  Ask a respected garden center in your area for advice on extended care for your lawn.

Click here for a thoughtful guide regarding weed management and lawn care, compliments of University Of California –  IPM (Integrated Pest Managament).