Lawn and Garden Hydroseeding Preparation Instructions

Preparing your area for hydroseeding is an important step to ensure the best possible outcome.

Remove Debris

Start by removing all rocks, sticks or other debris from the surface area.   Next remove any exisitng grass and/or weeds.


Proper landscape irrigation is a must for hydroseeding success, especially for Southern California.  Install and test your irrigation system prior to hydroseeding.

With the current drought in California, it is more important than ever to select water wise solutions to minimize water usage and water waste.  Not only will you save money, you will be making an important contribution to California’s water conservation initiative.

Click here for some good information on irrigation options and rebates.

Top Soil

If the soil is compacted, lightly till the soil to a depth of 4 inches or less.  Top soil ammendment is not always required.  If you do plan to ammend the soil we recommend a 50/50 blend mix.  If you do bring in top soil or rototil we suggest grading area afterward.

Weed & Grass Abatement

We suggest you apply granular fertilizer (16-6-8) then water for ten days to bring up dormant weed seeds.  Next, apply a weed & grass killer to newly germinated weeds.  Do not water target area for 24 hours after spraying weed & grass herbicide.  This will minimize excessive weed problems in the future.  Wait approximately 1-5 days after weed abatement, depending on the herbicide use (check product label for specifics) before hydroseed application.


One to two days prior to application,  be sure you grade your soil surface so that it is smooth and level.  Area surface should be loose, not compacted.


Provide access, for the hydroseeding equipment and hose, to target areas.  Remove any obstacles that might hinder access, prior to our arrival.