Hydroseeding is a cost effective way to enhance your landscaping and achieve a lush, green lawn. And the good news is, hydroseeding costs considerably less than sod with far less prep work and hassle.  It is also superior to DIY seeding methods. Unlike typical hand broadcast seeding applications, hydroseeding works fast and provides uniform, dense coverage while combining all the important nutrients required to give your lawn a healthy start.  By following our lawn care instructions, your lawn will be ready to cut, and enjoy within weeks.


While not the instant lawn you achieve with sod, the 3 to 4 week wait is worth it – both in cost savings and quality! With the right seed selection, and proper nutrient “recipe”, hydroseeded turf is a reliable and robust alternative to sod.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about seam separation or be concerned if your sod will “take”. With hydroseed, the root is establilshed much deeper into the soil base from the onset.  So there isn’t a risk of the transplant shock that can occur with sod installations.  With proper care, you will have a durable, lasting, beautiful lawn for years to come.


With over 30 years of experience, Canyon Hydroseeding has installed beautiful lawns for thousands of satisfied homeowners in Southern California. We have mastered our hydroseeding process. We only use premium seed stock, selected for your specific soil and terrain.  Each application ilawnncludes important high quality nutrients and fertilizer to maximize a healthy resilient lawn. Our commercial grade hydroseeding trucks are equipped with the top of the line hydroseeding equipment designed to delivering the most uniform seeding application possible.


Given the current drought conditions here in Southern California, it is important to consider all aspects as you plan your lawn. We offer a number of water-wise alternative and drought-tolerant planting options that will save you money, preserve water, and still offer you a beautiful landscape.

Before you even begin to seed, consider your irrigation system.  Is it as water efficient as possible? Click here to learn about  irrigation options.

Whether you are seeding a large or small area, we take time to understand your project and consult with you to produce the desired outcome.  If you are looking to install a new lawn, expand or repair an existing lawn, solve erosion problems, or find a quick and affordable method to fill empty spaces on your property, we have an affordable solution for you.

Our residential hydroseeding services are not limited to grass seed.  We can also plant ground cover, certain shrubs, and wildflower seeds as well.  Call us to discuss your landscape goals today!