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Kids Are Back In School

Parents often have mixed emotions about “Back-to-School”, on one hand it can be exhausting trying to get them ready; learning their new schedules, shopping for supplies & school clothes etc. On the other hand, kids are back in school, your summer fun director job goes into hiatus until next summer! Yeah!

Warning – Holidays Ahead!

Now it’s time to start thinking about the coming holiday season. Is your yard ready for entertaining? Have your kids and the dry summer months destroyed your lawn?

Still Getting Crazy High Water Bills?

We continue to get lots of calls from homeowners looking to reduce water usage, without converting to imitation turf.  Especially after learning how expensive imitation turf is to install! Yikes!

Can You Cut Water Costs and Have a Beautiful Lawn? Yes!

We have a variety of drought tolerant turf options at a fraction of the cost of sod or imitation turf.  Seed now and you can have a gorgeous green, natural lawn in a month; just before your holiday entertaining begins!


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