It’s raining, it’s pouring… and it is a perfect time to plant anything in your yard!

lawnandgardenFall is a perfect time to take on planting projects.  With more rain and cooler days, tender young plantings do best in the fall.

Even with all this rain, it is still important to consider California drought conditions when selecting plants or turf for your yard.

For ideal results, look for drought tolerant, fast growing plants with wide spread and coverage.  Often these plants require less water and can make a dramatic statement in your garden.  Mix and Match for added drama.

Hydroseeding Saves Time & Money

There are dozens of beautiful ground cover options that you can also use in place of sod or turf.  Ground cover can also save water and reduce lawn maintenance.

Succulents are also very popular given the drought.  While succulents are indeed drought tolerant, they still do require watering, but less than traditional garden varieties.

Wild flowers are another option.  Native varieties often perform best.  Check out our seed partner sites for more ideas.

To save money and time consider hydroseeding! There are hundreds of seed options that can be planted more affordably than potted plants, and the coverage results are more natural.  In addition, hydroseeding applications include nutrients and other beneficial ingredients specific to the seed variety in order to help your seedlings thrive.

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