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The rain continues to batter California. Hard to imagine that not long ago we were all begging for rain.  Well, we got what we wanted and then some. Unfortunately, many property owners are now challenged with erosion problems. Even though rains may continue for the next few weeks, now is the time to develop and implement your soil stabilization and future erosion control plan

A solid plan starts will a field assessment and incorporate the following, and Canyon Hydroseeding is here to help:


Canyon Hydroseeding offers a wide range of seed options that have been developed for an assortment of California specific situations. We combined our years of experience in hydroseeding, soil amendment, and erosion control to ensure the successful establishment of ground cover adhesion and growth to stabilize slopes and other impaired ground concerns.  Our select blends, once established, will require approximately 50%  less water than traditional seed varieties.


We offer affordable erosion control services for projects of all sizes. With decades of experience in California, stringently following all government established Best Management Practices (BMP), Canyon Hydroseeding services incorporate proven erosion control products, soil stabilization techniques and vegetation options to ensure long-term stability.

Our extensive experience with mulch, binders, polymers, polyacrylamides and Bonded Fiber Matrices (BFM) and our partnerships with the leading seed suppliers enables us to design a solution that is unique and effective for your soil stabilization challenge.


We provide time and field tested hydro-mulching composts, mycorrhizal inoculums, and fertilizers that provide an environment conducive to plant growth. Our well-informed staff will review your soil reports, microclimate data, and water requirements.

Our professional knowledge of what makes a project succeed qualifies us to select the right erosion control products to use in combination with specific soil amendments and fertilizers in order to meet or exceed Best Management Practice (BMP) and assure lasting success for your erosion control project.