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Dire Drought Conditions in California Require Smart Planting Solutions More Than Ever!

As you plan your landscaping projects this spring, ask us about waterwise planting options for your lawn and garden!  We offer solutions that are affordable, waterwise, and deliver beautiful results. 

Reposting – from June 2014

Canyon Hydroseeding is leading the way by being the first Hydroseeding Company in Southern California to accept the challenge to reduce water waste and utilization.

We offer water wise planting solutions and provide information to clients about water wise irrigation, planting, and maintenance of their Southern California landscape.

Training our staff on ways to minimize water waste and conserve water whenever possible, while still providing healthy vegetation, effective erosion control, dust control, and soil stabilization is our way of contributing to California’s be water wise initiatives.

Our goals is to reduce water waste by as much as fifty percent.  And reduce the water to material ratios by as much as twenty percent.

Our slogan is reduce, reuse, and conserve water – everyday, and every way!