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Is there a way to achieve a truly beautiful drought tolerant garden?  There is.

With the water shortage in California, many homeowners are struggling to find ways to have a beautiful yard and garden while meeting the state water conservation objectives. Most don’t want to settle for brown lawns, dead shrubs, or flowerless gardens.

But it takes planning. Here are somethings to think about when planning a water wise yard.

  • What type of sprinklers are you using?  Are they equipped with high-efficiency nozzles and/or soil moisture sensors?
  • Write down how long, and how often you are watering.  If possible, note the sprinkler head sizes and also note if you have a rain sensor on your system.  (Note: always water before 10am)
  • Do you collect rain water and reuse it for gardening? If not, you may want to consider adding rain barrels to collect and reuse rain water for plantings.
  • Can you identify they turf used for your lawn? Is it drought tolerant? We offer a number of drought tolerant turf seeds that can dramatically cut water usage by as much as 70 percent.
  • Draw a (rough) diagram of your garden beds, and identify each planting. You can check on line to determine the actual watering requirements for most plants. Here is a great resource: USDA Plant Database.
  • Research the tree and shrubs you have on your property. Are there any trees or shrubs you dislike? Remove them and replace them with drought tolerant options you like or find a better use for the area.
  • Identify drought tolerant plants and shrubs you would enjoy in your yard.  Here is a great resource of options California Drought Tolerant Plant List.  Keep in mind, many of these plants can be hydroseeded.  We sell some of the finest seeds in the world.  Tell us what you would like to plant.  We work with you to ensure proper placement, water and nutrient requirements, then hydroseed your plants for pennies on the dollar compared to preplanted options.
  • Are their areas in your yard that can be converted to sitting areas, fire pits, or other fun options like a bocce ball court? Click here to learn how to build your own Bocce Ball Court.

It is true, we are in a drought and we all have to pitch in and do our part to conserve, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with a drab, lifeless yard.  With the right planning, planting, and watering techniques you might even find your beautiful, drought tolerant yard is easier to care for and delivers every bit of beauty and flair as a more traditional garden.

Drought tolerant gardening can be both fun an affordable! Need help planning? Call us to discuss your property goals and learn about the many ways we can help you achieve your dream drought tolerant yard! We service most of Southern Calfiornia.

Canyon Hydroseeding (951) 680-1949 – or visit us at www.hydroseedingsocal.com.