dropletsA lot has changed over the years – including our website.  Our new site includes some important changes not only in our look, but in our mission.

As most of you know, California is suffering the worst drought in more than 100 years.  Hydroseeding is dependent on water to be successful, but we have found a number of ways to reduce water waste, and cut water utilization by as much as 20 percent in our hydroseeding, erosion control, and dust abatement efforts. These days – every drop matters!

We also offer a number of alternative planting options for clients who are looking for water wise solutions for their Southern California landscape.

Being informed about the problem, and learning about new ways to conserve water is the best way to work together through this challenging water crisis.

We can also help in the pre-planting stage, by providing guidance on irrigation planning and water wise sprinkler system and sprinkler head options.

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