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seedling1We are getting more calls than ever regarding drought tolerant lawn options.  There is so much media attention and information out there, it can be hard to know what is best for you and your property.  So we have decided to address some of these questions on our blog.

Over the next several weeks, we will be blogging about a number of water-wise, drought tolerant planting options.  So stay tuned…

Why would you want to follow?

Perhaps you have been considering changes to your property based on the rebate programs being promoted by your water company. Or maybe you are planting all or portions of your property for the first time, but aren’t sure of your options. Either way, we hope to provide you with some straight answers about drought tolerant grass lawns.


if you are interested in the “cash for grass” rebate options, please take the time to read through the information on your water company website. Make sure you understand what is required BEFORE you pull any turf from your property!

Additionally, a number of water companies have exhausted rebate resources.  While it is likely new programs will begin to roll out over the next few weeks, we are told these new programs will include more stringent qualifications.

Water rebate programs are great for homeowners looking to reduce water usage and avoid over-usage fines.  But don’t be fooled, you aren’t going to “cash in” on rebates.  All of these programs have strict guidelines, capped rebates, and will not pay more than you have spent (and yes…they want proof!)

For those planting a yard for the first time, sadly you don’t qualify for rebates, but there are still plenty of ways you can save money.  First, consider hydroseeding. Did you know that hydroseeding your lawn will cost pennies on the dollar compared to sod?  And most lawns can be sprayed in just a few hours!  Plus, you can select from a number of drought tolerant seed options, which means you will not only save money on installing your lawn, you will save on water usage for years to come.  Some of our turf seed varieties can reduce water usage by as much as 70 percent!

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